Grab your resilience as a female professional and shine!

CONQUER your resilience, balance and (work) pleasure while saying goodbye to hormonal myths, fatigue and a crowded head.

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Make a giant leap. Out of uncertainty, unrest and confusion.

In your power as a female professional who knows who she is, what she can do and what she wants. And sparkles!

This is a wonderful feminine journey that helps you to continue your career healthy, vital, confident and passionate. Happy ever after.

grab your resilience as a female professional and shine!

PACKAGE PRICE VALUED AT € 350,00 now € 24,95

Like no other I know how
it feels like you are overextending yourself in the interests of the organization, without having the time and patience to give your own physical and emotional well-being the attention and care it needs.

My menopausal years were tough. They almost knocked me out. So unnecessary, I now understand in hindsight.

As long as you get the information and tools to use the transformative power of the menopause to your advantage.

The hormone hell full of doom and gloom no longer exists for you.

Because you wallow in the knowledge and experiences of other female professionals who preceded you and give you all their tips.

I give you the thorough information and excellent coaching tools that enable you to regain control of your head and body. So that you decide from your strength whether you want hormone therapy, a new job, a makeover for yourself, your relationships or your female body..

It is now up to you to take possession of that power of transformation. To get bigger. Surely you’re done pretending to be smaller than you are?

The adventure that awaits you with this super package will give you energy, self-love, sharpness and self-confidence, without losing control or prestige at work.


This package: Grab your resilience as a female professional and shine!


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Are you between 40 and 60 years old? Then there is a good chance that you are in your menopausal years. You wonder if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to this phase. You want to know more. To know the benefits of this phase of life. I wrote this book especially for you.

Menopause is not doom and gloom. It’s the springboard to the best half of your life. The benefits of this phase of life are energy, strength and self-confidence. In this book you will find the experiential knowledge of other women and the information, facts and tips to achieve that.


“It started around the age of 40: I started having hot flushes. There was very little information about it at the time.

You can start doubting your mental and physical abilities in this phase of life. Dry skin, reactions of your skin, your resistance, libido, mood swings and so on. If only one person had made me aware of the effects of the menopause. Then I would have been back on my feet much sooner.

In your book, these topics are simply addressed, without judgment. The women talk about how they experience or have experienced the menopause. Conclusion: I wasn’t going crazy or depressed. There was nothing strange, nothing weird about me.

That gives peace and acceptance. I read the book in one night. Hip hi, finally answer to my questions.

Betty Baur

“I finished your book last night. I want to let you know that it has helped me a lot. I recognize my entire menopause process. It supports me, it puts me in perspective, it strengthens and encourages! I gave the book as a gift to two friends. I will enthusiastically recommend it to friends, coachees and students. Thx! Very valuable.”

Pien Hoogland

“This book contains really everything you want to know about the menopause. I recommend it to every woman over 44! It reads smoothly, wonderfully and is written with humor. And how crazy it may sound, it is truly a feel-good book, which contains wonderful exercises in addition to fine tips.”

Caroline Houthuyse



Ready to live your best life, guide others and make a difference to yourself and those around you?

Step into the second and best half of your life. Healthy, passionate and great.

This toolkit gives you 12 TOOLS to restore your hormones, heart, health and happiness so you can get your life back, love yourself and continue to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Change from confused, foggy and insecure to self-aware, sharp and focused.

Transform moodiness, irritability, anxiety and low self-esteem into harmony, calmness, sincere joy and daily flow at work.

Enjoy your body and its new found energy, giving you the opportunity to do the things you love, with

the people you love. Instead of feeling married to the couch.

Mistress of Moodswings and More (Tool 1)

Feel alive, in control and confident to develop your full potential with these apps on your smartphone.

How are you and your symptoms on a daily basis? By downloading one of the apps mentioned on your phone that you carry with you just about day and night, you get a realistic picture of what’s going on with you. The apps differ from each other. I have described those differences for you. So that you can choose well what suits you and your desire for control .

They are in English. At the time of compiling this toolkit, there were no Dutch-language apps yet. But the language is simple. You can do this!


10 minutes to transform from a woman who feels lonely, lost and unable to interpret her situation into a woman who takes back control of her life with conviction.

If you are plagued by symptoms such as forgetfulness, memory problems, fatigue, depressive thoughts and/or increasing uncertainty, there is a chance that you are in your menopausal years. Knowledge is power here too.

Are you still menstruating? Don’t have hot flashes? Do you doubt whether you are in transition, past it or heading for a burnout? Then proceed immediately to this tool.


Wrap yourself in delicious and nourishing self-love with this tool and leave behind frustration, self-hostility and indecision.

What are you thankful for? How big is your heart for yourself and the life you lead? Do you ever think about that? During this exercise you will discover what boosts your health and well-being and what doesn’t. In this way you will find the growth diamonds that increase your zest for life and the areas to possibly improve in a simple and pleasant way.

The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the better equipped you will be to grow in your personal and professional leadership during this challenging time of menopause and beyond.


Little tormentors, teasing spirits and troublemakers. Did you know that on average we tolerate more than seventy-five annoyances in our daily lives? Sometimes even more than 100? They are the silent killers of your precious energy.

You can eliminate these energy guzzlers in your daily life with this super simple and energizing exercise. It’s my own variation on the exercise of my very first coach, Talane Miedaner. It has given me and my clients so much insight into where you let your energy swing, where (and who) your energy guzzlers are and where creeping current spills.

You immediately feel more energetic.


Jump out of the merry-go-round of stress and anxiety in your work, relationships and life, and change
in a field of inner peace where even the ticking of your (age) clock doesn’t scare you.

Research shows that when you are under mental, emotional or financial pressure, your stress center in your brain is activated, reducing the capabilities of your brain functions.

And you don’t want that! The exercise helps to turn off your stress response system within 30 seconds and allows you to be calm and proactive.

Banish anxiety, depression and nervousness forever as you return to peace, calm and strength, creating a life you are happy with. 


Discover the art of beneficial healing to escape burnout or menopause symptoms and create self-confidence, resilience and vitality.

This guided meditation ‘Inner Smile’ is described in Everything you need to know about menopause. But of course it is much easier and nicer to join while listening. That’s why I recorded it especially for you.

This wonderfully uplifting practice helps you understand and care for the language of your body, your feelings and emotions on a deeper level. So that you can control your own prosperity, instead of being overtaken by ailments.

She alsoenhances your innate feminine abilities.


Let go of negative self-talk, beliefs and habits that make you insecure, instead attract admiration and appreciation, and feel rich and enlightened inside and out.

I have recorded this initiation ‘Embrace your body, embrace your life’ especially for you. She is not described in Everything you need to know about menopause. It is one of my most transformative guided meditations. You can also think of it as a self-care ritual.

See and feel your perfect vitality radiate as you let go of the energy-guzzling battle with your body down to the cellular level. You stop disapproving or judging your body as you transform into a woman who talks with love, kindness and compassion about the body that bears her feminine beauty.


Free yourself from guilt and shame and reconnect with your higher self as you awaken your inner guru. You get a deeper connection with your femininity, based on love and not on ‘rules’.

This guided meditation ′′ Forgive yourself ′′ was recorded especially for you. It is briefly described in Everything you need to know about menopause.

Your self-love grows, and you free up more space and energy to flourish as the wonderful woman you are at heart. You will also find more room for love and forgiveness for others. You reconnect with your desires, needs, wishes, and with the people you love, full of surrender and pride.

“I had restlessness in my head. Trouble sleeping. And I felt insecure. I tried my very best to prove myself. I felt like I was under a magnifying glass that made me become the little girl, saying yes and amen and not daring to talk back or start the discussion. I will no longer fall into this trap. I now feel that I am not being lived but that I am living my own life.

“Nowadays I lead a project team. In the beginning it was messy, everyone went their own way. At one point it started to itch and I drew a line: guys we’re going to do it differently. In retrospect, I think it’s funny that I did it that way. I’m proud of it too. I managed to get the team running well.”

Denise R.


“My blood pressure has dropped drastically. So low that I no longer have to take pills for high blood pressure. I have things in order now, peace.

“The conversations with my employees have also become very different. If I don’t want something now, I can convey it in a calm way, without being the pushy bitch boss. Even the relationship with my husband is much better.

“I’m just happy right now. It even surprises me that I can be happy doing nothing at all. While I was always busy. Saron is a no-nonsense type. She just keeps going! Her energy is powerful and she knows what she’s talking about. She is my role model.”

Susan Lam


“Saron helped me make a decision. Until then I was unable to do this myself. She did this by using different methods and techniques that provided me with the insights I needed to make the decision. Saron is open and honest (also in her feedback to you), has humor and can be genuinely touched by your emotions. All this together makes her a very pleasant coach.”


“In the process of orientation on my career, she was able to pinpoint and add value to a specific gap in my personal development and,  due to her approach, I was able to quickly make significant progress. That accelerated my process.

“Saron works very practically, she is very confrontational and direct, warm, powerful and honest, she keeps going. It was important to me that she took my question seriously, saw me as a fully-fledged person and that our contact was based on equality.”

Marion Kramer

“In a very simple, but extremely effective exercise, she put me in touch with my ‘own wisdom, my intuition’. And suddenly it was clear what I had to do. Crystal clear. And that gave me peace.”

Nelly de Jong


Everything you need to know about menopause opens a booklet about hormones! This tool goes one step further.

Is it your estrogens that are playing tricks on you? Or is it your progesterone? Is it “too much” or “too little”? This tool is especially intended for those who want to know the ins and outs when it comes to the effects of too much or too little female hormones.

You have your hormonal harmony up for grabs. Especially if you have also done the Quickscan Menopause (tool 2) and keep track of one of the apps (tool 1).


Many women professionals in their menopausal years suffer from declining self-confidence. Or increasing uncertainty, if you will.

In fact. This annoying phenomenon appears to belong in the top 5 symptoms that prevent us from working with pleasure and dedication, and from growing in our female leadership.

This symptom is often related to increased sensitivity to stress, forgetfulness, word-finding problems, fatigue or depressing thoughts and feelings.

I have this golden tip for you that immediately gives your self-confidence an instant boost.


I had not anticipated that the impact of the menopause on my ability to work. Until I slipped into a deep valley of procrastination and depressed feelings. A hard school.

So I interviewed dozens of professionals and asked them about their stories and their tips for getting through this phase successfully. AND wrote it down in All about working during the menopause. To help you shine with your knowledge and experience!

This video contains an interview with me conducted by Lucinda Douglas, initiator of the books LEFWIJF 1, 2 and 3.


You will receive my book Everything about work and menopause. This book provides knowledge, tools and over 100 tips so that you can continue to work with pleasure and continue to follow your passion. It also helps to create openness about menopause in the workplace and thus prevent unnecessary absenteeism, labor conflicts and stopping work.

For the book, dozens of employers, occupational physicians, HRM specialists and female professionals were interviewed to gain clarity about the obstacles women encounter in the workplace, how they can solve this together with their employer (with which available instruments) and what employers actively do to keep these women on board.

Normally € 24.95. It will be sent to you while supplies last (25 copies left..)

boek alles over werken tijdens de overgang








Together valued at € 350,00 NOW € 24,95



Make every day your masterpiece. Motivate yourself daily with this journal  that invites you to turn your attention inward again and again and record your thoughts, intentions, insights and ideas for yourself. Soon you will recognize that you already have what it takes to give your personal and professional life the turn you desire: challenge and contribution.

It is my mission to put you behind the wheel of your life. I’ve been writing all my life and even professionally since I was 21. Writing gives me so much insight into the outside world, but especially into my own inner world. It has accelerated my growth process(es) enormously. I wish that for everyone.

This journal is therefore the perfect way to implement all your learnings from the book and the toolkit and create deep and lasting happiness. It’s an affirmation, a gratitude, a self-reflection journal and much more all in one.

Think of writing in this journal as a life-changing exercise where you develop a positive mindset. Every day has a morning and evening part – so you can connect deeply with your passions, insights and (life) goals. You evaluate, adjust and jump forward.


“I had zero energy and no longer got any satisfaction from my work. I felt like I had been at a dead end for a while. I couldn’t move forward.

“Saron has a kind of third eye and is very intuitive. Her coaching was very pleasant. Sometimes quite confrontational because she feels it flawlessly when you are fooling yourself. She quickly understands old patterns.”


“Most importantly, she helped me untangle which dreams, hopes, values and values are really my own, and which are inherited from others. And that I get to choose which ones to keep and which not.”

Caroline van der Laan

“I used to prove myself so much, beat myself up to be something as a woman. Much of what I did, I did from masculine energy. For me that meant that I constantly set goals for myself, was very materialistic, worked on forced strength, was quite hard.

“I have constantly struggled with the question of how to achieve flow and not have to struggle anymore. Your training fitted in nicely with that question.

“Whereas before I stopped and was frustrated about things that didn’t work out, now I stay in the flow and everything goes more gradually. The funny thing is that I have been much more productive in recent months than in the previous six months.”

Brigitte Klijn - Van der Velden

“With Saron’s help I gained a lot of self-insight. I felt disadvantaged in appreciation and attention. I thought about applying for another job. Pleasure in working was hard to find. My job only caused me stress.

“She taught me how to take leadership over my own thoughts and behavior. How I can influence my environment so that conversations are now much more positive.

I am now comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy my work again. I can quickly stop negative or depressive thoughts. I am much less stressed.”


“I have been given tools to reduce my complaints and to go for it again. I started applying for a job with another employer. Thank you, Saron, for your insights. I am sure that I still have a very nice time ahead. “

Mieke Beemsterboer

“I am writing this overlooking a blue Greek sea from my desk – this is now a regular part of my working environment. It was clear that I wanted to change something when I went to Saron for coaching. But how, what – was not yet clear.

“During the program with different exercises, it became abundantly clear that I definitely had to implement my plans to live in Greece for part of the year.

“It was very nice to focus on what you really want. Saron keeps asking until you get to the heart of the matter, and this helps to focus on what really matters. I am now enjoying the results, and have found a nice balance between work on the one hand and a huge power source on the other.”

Gerdien M

“With some regularity I have conflicts at work. I don’t recognize myself. I find my current mood uncomfortable. I want improvement of the current situation. I go to work with Saron. I am given sharp thoughts and practical tools. I study these, struggle, execute and learn.

“Where am I after 8 months? I am more balanced. I have a new job with a culture that suits me better. I cherish one sharp thought of Saron in particular: ’time is precious’. Activities and contacts that mean nothing I put aside. It clears up. I get an overview, peace and most of all renewed energy.”

Mieke Potters

Impossible for me to work

Overtrown by menopause

I went through quite a trough during my menopausal years, including depression and low self-esteem.

The fact that I knew a lot about menopause, through hundreds of interviews with experts, experienced wise women  and even writing Everything you need to know about menopause, has not prevented me from doing so.

The impact of the menopause on work turned out to be much greater than I had anticipated.

Onwankelbaar tijdens de overgang

My successful escape out of missery, with life-changing steps, has become the basis of my approach for ambitious female professionals (40-60 years) during their menopausal years: The Confident Female Leader. Since then I feel balanced, happier and more successful than ever. And my clients too!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know if I'm in menopause yet. Is this package suitable for me? Or do you say: just wait a little longer?

If you are around 40/50 years old, this package is for a great opportunity at a very small price. You will receive thorough information about the transition, hundreds of tips and a dozen tools to make this period the best of your life. With the 2nd tool, for example, you will know within a few minutes whether you are in transition or not. Honestly, you want this information long before. Working during this phase of life can become a huge task if you don’t know what hits you and what you can do to get back to full swing quickly.


How long does it take before I receive the package?

You will receive Everything you need to know about the transition and All about work and menopause within 3 working days. De link to the toolkit The Magical Menopause you’ll receive immediately.

Grab your resilience as a female professional and shine is NOT suitable for everyone?

The package includes audios with guided visualizations, apps, books, interviews, questionnaires and much more. You can decide for yourself when you want to read or listen, and for how long.

Are you a woman who doesn’t like to read or listen, or do you ‘know’ it all already and are not open to new insights, then this package is not for you.


Is there also a training included?

No. But if you have purchased the package, I will send you an email as soon as I start giving a live training at a small fee. You can also join my private facebook group There you will find some free training sessions.

Where can I go to if I have questions?

You are always welcome to ask questions. If you send your question to I will answer you quickly as I can.


If I am not satisfied with the contents of this package, can I get my money back?

No. The book Everything you need to know about menopause in itself costs € 24.95. That treasure contains so much solid information and tips that I am sure you will be happy with it. The toolkit The Magical Transition contains so many different tools; something for everyone. And the bonus Journal of the Confident Female Leader is to die for ;-). It will guide you to the best version of yourself. Please do send me an email explaining why you are dissatisfied to

We’ll probably figure it out together.

“Everything was too much for me. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I doubted whether I still wanted to do my job. Privately, there was a few things going on. It seemed like I had the whole world on my shoulders.

Saron has been important to me. It’s not just stress and being overworked. There’s more to it. She put her finger on the sore spot. I could be myself with her. I just needed her.”


“With a few remarks, Saron grabbed me right into my core being. Direct, friendly, with humor and understanding. She asked if I was that big in body because I subconsciously want to be much bigger in my work, want to take more responsibility, want more leadership?

“Nowadays I am very comfortable in my own skin, satisfied with my (slender) body and I have the managerial position that I wanted.”

Tanja Westrik

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